Apr 14, 2011

Scrapbooking Inspiration and Evolution....

 Photo: Big Picture, by Stacy Julian

Friends, I have been scrapbooking for over 12 years.  I typically do not journal, and it's hard to come up with titles.  I love buying new products - my weakness - paper.  As I have been exposed to more 'seasoned' scrapbookers - ones that are actually called a designer or professional scrapbooker, I look to see that I have a grasp on techniques and tools, but lacking in the style and stories.
I am subscribed to a blog feed titled: Be More With Less.  Very inspiring, not related to paper crafting at all.  And there was a nice blog where she focused on actually blogging good content - content that persons would naturally feel inclined to share with others or read on.  If you're subscribed to a blog just for the pictures, then the author of the blog may be missing the fuller point of  a blog.  How does this relate to scrapbooking?  Well it got me thinking that without journaling on my layouts, viewers of my albums may just be looking at the pictures, but missing the story behind it.  In my poor memory, I too may have forgotten the story that we caught in a photo.  So this one thought was in my mind when it came to my blog - thus the 'evolution' of my blogging I hope begins and will improve.  To you blog readers, I hope I've intrigued you to follow me on this journey.
Photo: by Shimelle Laine

A few weeks go by, and then on another blog I follow, Shimelle.com, had a nice video on why I scrapbook.  Then on her blog she had a class on journaling...which I didn't take, but her brief overview of the class intrigued me and again, got me thinking.  Then her recent post, with photo above: PICTURES AND WORDS CREATE STORIES.  Which I totally agree with.  Again, another 'hit' to add more stories to my scrapbooking would make them more meaningful and memorable.  Though her latest class is about blogging, I took this to apply to scrapbooking in general.
To top this all off, I stumbled across the website: www.bigpictureclasses.com.  Tonight I just watched the presentation of Stacy Julian - which was on this topic of looking at the big picture - what is scrapbooking all about.  Not just scrapbooking photos, but scrapbooking memories.  Pick a story to tell first, then choose the best photos - or take new ones - that best support your story.  Brilliant and inspiring!  All at the perfect time.
As I thought of things I wanted to remember, guess what?!  The title came to me quickly!  What I would journal came quick too!  And I even had thoughts in my head of what photos would work!  Wow!  Thinking of the story first rather than the pictures is truly a new theory for me.  But wow, what a difference my scrapbooking world will be!  Usually it takes me forever to think of the titles...and like I said before, usually beyond that date and some names of places...not much story telling. I encourage you to try it...if you're a scrapper or even considering to start scrapping.  Start with a story or memory...then look for photos.  Check out these blogs, videos, classes... There's so much information and inspiration out there that great people are willing to share freely.  Get some insight and inspiration...it may change your hobby to a passion in no time!  Stay with me as I share my journey and process to scrapbook my stories.


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