Apr 21, 2011

Slideshow - using My Digital Studio

Hello friends.  I 'whipped' up this slideshow using My Digital Studio.  What made it quick was that I had designer templates already made with the baby theme - I just had to make adjustments as I felt necessary.  I added the photos and changed the titles and added some journaling.
This was my first time making a slideshow.  I had some trouble getting the music onto it, but with my hubby's help, we were able to get it working.
The layouts I kept simple since there were a few pictures on each page.
Thanks for watching - I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Very nice Ezlie. Isn't it fun?! I love doing these videos. I have made some that you might like. i use http://animoto.com/. It has a built in selection of music and formats for style of show.
    My Youtube Channel:


  2. I really liked the slide show! Great fun :) But the music got stuck in my head lol Thanks for sharing