May 18, 2011

Scrapbook journey - *smash*

Ok friends.  Take a look at this video - new product by K & Co. *SMASH*

So what do you think about that??!  I love the idea of the pen with the glue stick all in one - brilliant!
But even more so, it's needless to say that this art of scrapbooking is truly growing to more and more documentation of everyday life, things, sayings, favorites, things that make you smile. :)
It's more than just photos - it really is more of documenting and sharing your life and memories.  I really appreciate that.  In addition, I'm happy to say, I'm on that journey by carrying my little camera with me and my notebook to keep notes of things I would like to scrap. I also have on my I-touch a free sketchbook app (from Autodesk) which allows you to sketch on the go and add colors and texture all with your finger tips.  Love it!
So with the Smash idea, i really like how the idea is to make it quick and easy - 1. start with a memory, thought, clipping, whatever.... 2. tell the story - quick note, tab, "I like this" 3. put it together in one spot!
This is the same basic principles of scrapbooking, just a bit more down to the basics.  I really like that.

I've created my own type of 'smash' book without even knowing it, by trying to get rid of old crafting magazines.  I went through the pages, cut out the ideas, colors, layouts, products, etc. that I liked from each magazine and then casually glued them into a standard Mead notebook.  Then I simply added my journaling of what I liked about the product, layout, or whatever, or even the item I was contemplating buying.  ;)  
I think mentally we all do this process. We want to remember many things, we may fold a page over, highlight text, write a quick note on a post it, or we take a photo. But these things may never get shared....or they may even tell a bit about yourself by why you like those particular things or why they are important to you.
There's a website called Pinterest, which allows you to 'pin' what you like that you've seen online! Same concept again!!  Feel free to check this out too.
So if you're not a scrapbooker, I hope you may be inspired by these basic principles - and maybe not be overwhelmed by the size 12x12 or all the many embellishments and pretty paper out there.  Take the "smash" idea and basic principles and see how fun, easy, and fulfilling it truly can be to share your stories and memories with others in a very creative and unique way.
Happy scrapping!



  1. Brilliant!!, I love it!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fell head over heals in love with these smash products :) Your stash looks fun too, would love to see more of it and maybe a glimpse at the inside too sometime. Things like these are very inspirational to me. :)
    Keep creating!!

  3. Have you seen where we can buy these? I saw this video a few months ago and it said "Coming soon in April 2011" but I haven't found them yet. Any tips? thanks for the ideas of going through your magazines and clipping out your personal highlights. I'll get right on that :)

  4. @ShannyJ: I've seen this at Two Peas In a Bucket or $12.99 - not bad! AND...I just saw you can buy the pen separately!! Only $2.99!!