Feb 1, 2012

Scrapbook layout with pocket - video

Hello there.  Today I wanted to share a layout I made with a pocket.  This pocket is to save my memorabilia without it being glued on to the layout.  I had a postcard with my daughter's writing on it that I want to preserve, but did not want to glue it down since I wanted to see the front and the back.  The solution was a pocket!

I also had other postcards, papers, and other memorabilia from the same trip, but I did not have other photos to scrap nor did I want to make a layout with just memorabilia on it.  So I made a pocket on the back of the layout too to save it all and keep it all together.  This way I don't have multiple layouts from the same location and I have one place to keep my memorabilia.
Watch my video tutorial on how I put this layout together.


1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful layout. Thank you for showing us how you did the pockets.