Oct 11, 2013

Scrapbook layout | simply use scraps and stamps

This layout shows you a simple way to use some of your 12" scraps as a background.  If I make more layouts with this same simple design, I could
see my scrap pile actually become less of a pile!   I started by cutting my scraps. I made them into various widths - which helps make them a more usable size and gives some visual interest.  Plus, by cutting them, it appears that I had more of the same designer paper than I really had.
Try cutting up your scraps - they may become more usable to you in a different size.  Sometimes I even cut these 12" strips in half to make two 6" pieces - which I may use more easily on a card.  Take a fresh look at some of those strips of paper you have that you just can't throw away.  Make a simple background as I did in this layout.  Use this same design concept on a card with smaller strips. Replace the title with a sentiment, and replace the photos with an embellishment, and that's it!

Stamping was also featured in this layout.  No fancy technique - just stamp with ink directly on the layout and color in the few leaf images with markers.  Using a scratch piece of paper to mask your photos or other areas of your layout makes it easier to add stamps after your paper is already glued down.  Most of the time I add my stamping last since it helps me fill in the blank spots.  It does take a bit of courage, but if you give yourself some practice and some wiggle room - it'll turn out.  On the layout I stamp the images unaligned on purpose.  This way I don't put too much pressure on myself to line up my stamping perfectly.  By intentionally stamping crooked, it makes it more of a design element and not a mistake.  Try it out.  You'll be surprised how easy it truly is and you'll love the results.  I hope you enjoy my video of a very easy layout design.  Pull out the scraps and get scrapping!  Have a great weekend!

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