Dec 29, 2015

2016 is upon us

Well, it's no mystery that I have not been blogging.  Life with a new baby has taken it's toll and my priorities have shifted - leaving my blog in the dust.
Now that a new year is upon us, I realized how much I failed this year with blogging. As I consider goals and review how I did on my previous goals I see I need a plan to keep up with all that I think I want to do next year, and blogging is one of those things.
I reviewed my goals for 2015 - which is horrible since I should have been keeping up with them throughout the year.  Since my goals were not 'in front of me', I forgot what I had written down, and I didn't have a plan to reach them.  So, needless to say, many of my goals went unachieved. 
Now, with 2016 around the corner, I have to re-evaluate my goals.  Do I want to simply carry over my same goals from this year that I didn't achieve or create new ones?  What will be the plan to make these goals achievable? 

As I posted previously, I have stumbled into the planner community.  I discovered bullet journaling and truly feel this method will work for me.  I also came across the Get to Work Book - which is a planner designed to help you tackle projects/goals and break them down into action items each week or month.  I believe that if I combine these two concepts - I will actually achieve my goals and keep myself on track.  With that said, what am I going to be reaching for this year?

Here are my initial goals: 
  • Blog at least once a week.  Share projects, ideas, and what I've been up to.
  • Finish Nathan's first year baby album.  Currently on week 9.
  • Exercise once a week - 1 hour minimum
  • Bedtime: no later than 11:30pm
  • Read the Bible and daily text - daily
  • One cup of coffee a day
To keep myself on track - I've decided to actually schedule my time each week to reach these goals.  That way there is a set time and it is more likely I will do it.  For example, to exercise once a week - I need to choose which day and what time I will use each week to reach that goal.  It may vary week by week - but I will have it scheduled - so it doesn't get pushed aside or forgotten.  I will be able to give myself a check mark on my calendar or possibly create a tracking page in my journal to see if I've kept up with it each week.
Similarly for blogging - something once a week - I will plan a day and time each week of when I will do this.  I hope this will keep me on track.
For the daily goals, I don't want to have to track it since I know I will get frustrated if I forget to mark it each day.  So these, I will just have to keep myself accountable and try to pick a time each day I will do my reading. 

So this is my initial plan for 2016.  I decided to keep my list short this time to see if I can keep up.  I hope with the exercising and new bedtime - I will feel better and have more energy to do more things for my own self development.  I have a separate goal list for work which I will approach the same way - schedule time each week to work towards the goal and track my progress.

Keep an eye out for future posts of how my bullet journal is working out and how I'm doing with these goals.  Hopefully you will see more posts from me and are still inspired  by the projects I create. 

Thanks for sticking with me. 


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