Aug 8, 2010

Expo Goodies! (video)

Okay, so I made it back from the expo.  I thought I spent less than $50, but it turns out, with admission I spent close to $60!!  That's a lot for me, but I realized I got mostly stamps and paper - which usually I avoid....but I think since I had a specific project in mind - looking at the designer paper was a must.  I unfortunately didn't think Stampin Up had designer paper that fit the theme of my projects - so I had to get some at the expo.
Each expo I get disappointed that the make and takes cost $5 and there are hardly any one demonstrating new products or techniques.  Each expo has less and less demonstrations - i think I only saw 2 booths that had them this time.  So I didn't learn anything new...and I didn't really see anything new.  Maybe next year will be better.
Anyway, I got some cute stuff that I really can't wait to use.  I will fight my urge to preserve these forever and get to using them right away!  Check out my video to see what I got.  Let me know what you think.  
Happy stamping and scrapping!


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