Nov 11, 2010

recent motivation...acrylic paint - blog by ejp

I thought I would actually start 'blogging' - sharing more of my thoughts and inspiration for any of you who this may inspire, but also for myself.  I'd like to take some time to reflect on what I've created and how I got to that point. 
Lately I've been watching you tube videos and seeing samples in magazines using acrylic paint.  It seems so simple, but is a product I've never used in my scrapbook or cards.  I think tonight is the night to try it out.  I went to Michaels and purchased a tan color and an almost brick red color.  They were 2/$1!  what a deal!  I had some paint that I had gotten for my kids art projects - so I already have white and a light green too. So we'll see what I come up with.  New exploration of creativity. 
I also am thinking of making a video of creating a scrapbook page.  I'm a bit nervous about this, as I don't always know what I'm going to do on my layouts and I don't want to 'ramble on' as I'm doing it.  I might just put music over it.  I'll set up the camera and try it....see if the creative mojo is there and if a video come out of it - great!
I've looked back at recent pages I've done and I see my very simple and straight style.  I hope to venture out a bit and expand what I can do.  Like anything, change is hard, but the end results are usually worth the effort. Acrylic paint - here I come! 
Happy stamping and scrapping! 


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