Nov 18, 2010

Wedding day Layout

The first page of my dear friend's wedding.  This was us all before the wedding.  The theme was polka dots and her colors were black, white, and silver.  This made the color choice easy for me. I used my smooch spritz on the white letters I cut out from my Big Shot to add a silver glitter to them.  I think this was the perfect thing to do for a wedding page.  I also used my silver twine and silver stickers that I've had forever!  Finally glad to put some old supplies to use.  I was a bit disappointed with my circle cutter as it did not cut the circle 'rings' well.  I had to free hand cut them to make them more even to get the look I wanted.  I was struggling with the color of the chipboard for the word day.  I wanted the word "wedding" to stand out and I didn't want the chipboard to be raw.  If I did white it would be too bright.  Black I thought would also contrast too much.  I thought of making them silver with the smooch spritz, but then it would make the word wedding not the focal point.  So I ended up using gray - the perfect middle ground.  I think it turned out well.  We took a lot of pictures at the reception - so many more pages to come!  Keep on scrappin' til next time.

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