Dec 31, 2010

Inspiration to organize

I just got my February Scrapbooks Etc. magazine and it had a great article on organizing your craft space.  I love the idea to make your craft area like your own little craft store.
This really hit me - since my craft space feels like an office space!  Almost everything is in a box or plastic bin of some sort.  It's not very inviting...and it doesn't really feel like a craft room.  I like the idea of hiding things in boxes so that things look neat and not messy, but it should still be inspirational and get the creative juices flowing.  In an effort to ensure things matched, I ended up with almost everything black and white.  There's not much color.  I guess I like the clean contemporary look, but I also love the way a vintage craft boutique feels.  Somehow if I can blend the two together, that would be my ideal space.

With all that said, I started to clean up again and try to reorganize my space.  I found a few empty jars we had from Ikea and some empty candle holders.  I took what would look ok being visible and put it in these glass jars instead of a box.  So now my fabric pieces, chipboard, sponges, and daubers are in glass and act more as decoration too.  I've always had my ribbon scraps in a glass jar, but now combined with the other glass jars, I actually can notice it and see it with all the pretty ribbon in it.
So here's what I came up with.  What do you think?

What about you?  Do you feel like your craft space is your own little craft store? Do you have some unused jars or containers that you could use in your space?  Get your space ready for all you will create in 2011!
See you all next year!  =)


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  1. Looks great!! I like the bins/boxes.
    I'm in the process of reorg'ing my craftroom as well.