Apr 28, 2011

My Scrapbook Journey...the beginning

Hello friends.  Just felt like sharing a bit of what I've been up to.  Sadly, not scrapbooking.  With my new realizations and evolution of my scrapbooking process and style, I'm trying to find a starting point.  What I've done thus far is, I now carry a notebook with me in my purse to keep notes of everyday things I want to remember and scrapbook. I'm noting down possible titles and things I want to journal with the dates.

I stopped over Shimelle's blog and she had My Day in Photos posted.  Which I really liked that idea and again inspired me to think of everyday moments and things that I see, do, or make...which could share insights into myself that I can share with others.  Then I'm making a mental note of what photo I could take to support that thought, or try to remember if I have a photo already stored in our photo 'library' that can show what I want it to support my memory.
Since it is hard to go backwards, I am thinking of taking new photos to support these new layouts - so they will fit as I intend them to...I hope.  With that in mind, I was thinking of getting a small point and shoot camera to also carry with me.  I don't have an iPhone and my cell phone is old and I don't really know how to use the camera on it...anyway the pictures would be poor - not something I would scrapbook.  So this is on my list to find a camera that fits my needs - compact, light, easy to auto adjust the settings for point and shoot, possibly simple editing features.  Hopefully I can find one that is reasonably priced too.
I also have started to lay some photos out to print myself!!  Amazing - I've never printed my own photos - but again I was inspired by Nichol M. at Two Peas in a Bucket - she gets so many photos on a layout since she prints them herself.  Also, they all can be the same size - which makes her layouts more symmetrical and easier to layout her photos.  So I thought I'd give it a shot.  Here's a sample of one of Nichol's layouts with many photos - that she printed herself!

I have photos of my kids of some of the places my husband took them during the summer of last year.  Rather than make a page for each place, like I normally would....I ended up selecting just a few of the photos from each place - it came out to be 21 pictures. I thought then the title would be "Summer With Dad".  Then I will journal about how this was the first summer my husband was not working and so the kids did not go to a summer camp, they were with their dad.  And I will list out the names of the places...and maybe put them on sticker embellishments..  So this is my mental sketch.  Due to the size of pictures I came up with, this will be a two page layout - also something I don't normally do.  And the photos will be 3x2.  So there will be 12 photos on one page, and 9 on the other.  I'm very excited for this layout since I have it mapped out in my head...I just need to do it.  I'm a bit nervous to print out my pictures...but that's the first step.  I will be trying that out soon...so I hope it works out.
Til then, I'm still organizing my supplies - getting out my 'stash' and finding places to keep them out, so I will use them.
Lots to do but still having fun.  I am enjoying this growth process and I'm happy to share it with you.  Happy stamping and scrapping!

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