Apr 30, 2011

My Scrapbook Journey...moving from the beginning

Alright my friends,  I got a point and shoot camera that I now carry in my purse. It is this one, a Sony Cyber Shot W560.  I chose red since it was part of a bundle deal at Best Buy, but also I thought it was different and easy to find in my purse.  I hope to have this with me frequently...so it being red might become a 'signature' thing with me...I dunno.  Anyway, it is charged, ready to go...I just haven't used it yet.  But I'm happy that I've been conscious enough to bring it with me...now I just gotta put it to use.
I plan on printing my photos and seeing how that turns out. I hope to have the layout I've been thinking of done and posted very soon.
I've been working on my sister in law's album lately - for my new nephew...and I am very close to finished.  Once it's done, I can focus more on my layouts and moving more on this journey of scrapbooking.


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