Jun 6, 2011

3x3 card set

Hello friends.  I wanted to share some quick cards I made to keep in my 'collection' for when you need a card in a hurry.  I love these 3x3 cards to stick in a gift bag.  Believe it or not, these were made using scraps.  I used the same layout and just changed colors for the different sex of the baby.  Cute huh?  I love how stamps allow you to have this versatility.  This onesie stamp is one of my favorites, it is from Hampton Arts - one that I've had for a while now.  Stamping on designer paper and cutting it out is called paper piecing.  This is a great way to use scraps.  As long as you scrap is large enough for the area in your stamp you want filled in, it will work.
Thanks for stopping by.  Try making a 3x3 card - you'll be surprised how quickly it comes together.
Happy stamping!


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