Jun 13, 2011

How do you buy stamps?

Confession: I have a weak spot for stamps and designer paper.  Those two things, no matter how much I may already have, I seem to always be looking for more.  As I search the web, I always see so many inspiring articles and projects.  But one stamp designer I am yet to use, is Ali Edwards designs for Technique Tuesday.  I follow her blog and love her photography and her style.  I've seen her 'hand written' type stamps used a lot by Nichol Magouirk in her videos on Two Peas in a Bucket and they always look great.  The sentiments are perfect for scrapbooking and I feel I always "need" stamps for scrapbooking. But when looking at the website I had to make a decision as to what I was going to purchase, since in reality I don't have the money to just buy all her stamps!  =)  So I thought I would share a little bit of my thought process and why I selected what I did.
The first set I chose was her latest set for June,The Observant Traveler.

So you can see her style here.  I love the hand written 'font' and all the sentiments are great!  The reason I chose this set was first of all because I always scrapbook the photos of my family trips and vacations.  So I knew already I had a use for it.  Next, I knew my family is planning a trip this summer, so I have a current project that I can use these on, right away.  Those are first 2 of my main thoughts - do I have a project I can use it on, and how soon can I use the set.  I feel horrible having a stamp set sit on the shelf un-inked.  I just feel so guilty.  So I try to make better purchases of sets I know I will use.  Next, because of the style and the words, this set is truly timeless.  It will never go out of date.  It is something that can be used now but also for future trips and many scrapbook layouts.  Thus I made this purchase.
Another set I purchased was this smaller set.
Now, this one I thought was a great deal, only $2.99!  I love that "beautiful" and that can be combined with the traveler set above.  These words can be combined with so many other sentiments which to me makes this a very versatile set that I know I will use many times.  Plus, I love the 2 step stamping of that butterfly.  For the price, I couldn't pass it up.
I know it can be hard to justify your purchases but with a limited budget it is necessary.  There are so so many cute and beautiful stamps out there.  You may never get all of them.  But be sure the ones you do get are truly ones that have use for you. Don't forget to check with what you have already...do you have something similar already? Or do you have something to use with your new set?  Many times we naturally seem to buy similar images because that is what we like.  But do you really need 6 sets with birds? or butterflies?  (just examples)
I personally found I have a lot of flower stamps, so I'm not looking for any more flowers in my current purchases.  I don't have many sentiment or word stamps, thus this is more of what I'm looking for in stamp sets that I will purchase.  Also I found I don't have much if any 'cutesy' girlish type of stamps, just because that's not really my style.  So, for example, of Lawn Fawn sets, I only have purchased alphabet stamps and backgrounds...the images are too cutesy for my personal taste - even though they are adorable and the creations you can make will be adorable, that's just not me.  
So check your 'stash' before you buy.  Think of your immediate needs but also future needs and uses.  Enjoy every set you purchase and have fun creating!  =)
Happy stamping.  I can't wait for my new stamps!  

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