Jun 15, 2011

I made a skirt!

Thanks to the tutorial on the blog MADE , I made my first skirt for my daughter!  I'm so so proud of myself.  This is only the second thing I've sown, ever!!  It took me about 3 hours - not too bad for a beginner.  If you're thinking of getting started into sewing, check out that blog.  Dana is the talented mother and sewer who shares great tutorials for such persons like myself to follow.  It was quite easy, and I'm excited to make a skirt for myself soon too.  Thanks for the inspiration, Dana. 
Here's the skirt on my daughter.  She's about a size 6 skinny.  I was able to make this out of 1 yard of fabric. Next time I will shop around more to get a better deal on the fabric, but hey, a skirt for under $10, not too bad.  =) 

Here's my daughter, happily modeling for me.  Happy crafting, whatever you choose to create! 

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