Jul 19, 2011

Scrapbook every-day.....

Everyday? or every day? I've been seeing so much encouragement lately to scrapbook your everyday events and moments to tell your story - of your life. Even if it may seem mundane or routine, it is still your life. And what may seem repetitive to you, may make you wonder, why do I do this same thing each day? Why must I do this over and over? Tell the story.
A few weeks ago the 'smashbook craze' occurred in the paper crafting world. But the main point again was to scrapbook everyday moments - quickly and easily. Documenting something in your life - get started and you will love this hobby.
Along those lines, the inspiring Shimelle just uploaded this video for her new class. Be prepared to be inspired.

With my last layout of my son's breakfast routine - that is my baby steps toward documenting the everyday. I do carry my camera with me, but need to try taking more photos of the everyday, every day. =) Are you now inspired to do so? Find a notebook and jot down some of your routines. What do you do when you first get into your office? What do you eat? How did you decide your outfit? But even with these every day moments, I think it would be interesting to document the thought of the future a bit too. Do you think you will still eat the same breakfast 5 years from now? Why? Why not? What are you doing now that you know will not be the same in 5 years? Changing diapers? Dropping kids off at school? Whatever it is..that makes the today moments more memorable, I think since it your family's history. Something now will become the past. Pretty interesting when you think about it.
Do you have a smashbook? Are you using it? Do you scrapbook....everyday?? I hope you may be inspired as I am to take on this fun and creative challenge to document your life - maybe every day.


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