Nov 23, 2011

EJP party sighting: cake pop favor tags

It's very rewarding to make projects for other people, especially for special events in their lives.  I was happy to create cake pop favor tags for a bridal shower party.  These delicious and pretty cake pops were made from an upcoming company, Yum E Treats.  Check out their cute pop creations - they make custom orders to fit your theme.  Take a peek - not only do they look good, they are DeLiCiOuS! Trust me!
(photo by Jolina Gallero)
Back to the tags, these tags were hybrid - meaning the text and circle border were digitally made and printed.  The flower was a paper flower with a pearl center.  To customize the paper flowers I did a few things.  First, I had to make them black.  The theme was black & white.  The paper flowers I had were all pastel colors.  So I took my black marker and colored each flower - quick and easy.  Then to step them up a notch, I spritzed them all with silver smooch spritz.  Spritz added a nice shimmer that matched the flowers on the cake pops since they too had a shimmer on them.  The pearl was the final touch.  Here's a close up of the tags.
Keep your eyes open as one of my creations may be spotted at your next party!  =)


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