Dec 30, 2011

Friday FREE day

Hello friends.  Welcome to the last Friday of the year 2011!  For this Friday FREE day, I found a template on Monika Wright's blog: I Love It All.  This template is one that I think would be easy to use to get your final layouts for 2011 done before the new year begins.  Or to get started on your new 2012 memories.  I like how you can just circle the year of the event - so it can be used for whatever project you may be working on, past or future.  Here's the template:

Click HERE to get to Monika's blog and download it for yourself since she so kindly is sharing this template for FREE.
And here's a layout made by Monika Wright using the template, for some inspiration.

Happy scrappin' and stampin'.  Welcome twenty-12!! 


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my page template with your fans!