Jan 1, 2012

Scrapbook layout - 12 4x6 photos!

I have been inspired by the talented Shimelle Laine's class over at Two Peas in a Bucket, called 4x6 photo love. So I came up with a way to get 12 4x6 photos in an album in a way that was inspired by Shimelle.
It was a simple layout, but I love it!!
This is the first page.  It has the title, and 4 4x6 photos on it.
I love this title since I was able to combine stickers, designer paper, and stamps.  It was fun to make.
After this base page was made, I made another page that was trimmed down to about 9" tall. I then placed 4 more 4x6 photos in the same location as this first page, on the front and back - which ends up with a total of 8 photos on this shorter 9" layout.  When I put these in the page protector, the title will be seen with the first short page, and then when you turn the page you will see the other photos on the back and then the first photos on the base page.  Here's a picture of the short 9" layout 'atop' the base layout with the title showing at the top.
So this is what you would see first, basically a short page 'atop' a full size page that has the title.  Then you turn the page and you'll see 4 photos on the left and 4 photos on the right, with the same title at the top.  That's 12 photos!! 
Love it!  I also like adding the stickers atop the photo. I think it adds a nice touch and makes the text more interesting.  And those orange flowers...are stamped images. 
This is a great way to get a lot of scenic photos together quickly and with minimal design time.  I hope you are inspired to get 12 photos down on two pages and into your album!  =) Happy scrappin' and stampin'.


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