Dec 15, 2011

Personalized card

One of the greatest things about making your own cards is that you can personalize them.  These are my favorite cards to make and they are the easiest.  Why?  Well because you have someone in mind of who will receive your card.  Thus you know their personality, what they like, don't like, possibly even favorite colors.  If they sent you an invitation for a party and you are making a card for a gift to bring to the party, you can use their invitation as inspiration.  You already know they like it since they chose it!  Just match the colors or theme as best you can and viola'!  Plus, any chance you get to add their names to a card is almost a guarantee that it will be memorable for them to receive it, they most likely will cherish it even more, and most likely will keep it.  What more satisfaction can you get?!
So here's the card I made for my friends.  Their invitation had owls on it, with yellow and blue color scheme.

The branch, owls, and hearts are Swissgirl Design stamps.  The font for the names is from Lawn Fawn.  The clouds are from Stampin' Up!  I hand wrote the "congratulations".  I cut out the eyes so they would be white, and I also cut out the clouds for the same reason.  I colored the leaves in green directly on the yellow cardstock.  White embossed the names and that was it.

Can you make a personalized card?  Try it out and see how much fun it is.



  1. How cute is that????? What a great idea. You have very nice handwriting, too. It reminds me of Kristina Werner's, which I've always coveted. I'd probably write the sentiment first in case I messed it up -- ha!

  2. So stinkin cute Ezlie! Their invite was too adoable, wasn't it?! (I wonder who oversaw the design?? :P ) It was a lot of fun to make with her! Good job, and all your tips were duly noted. ;)