Apr 13, 2012

Look inside my sketchbook - video

Hello there.  Today, I wanted to share with you a peek inside my sketchbook. This is where I start for nearly every project.  I did this a little bit last year, but now that I've started to sketch more regularly this year - I am now sold that this is the best thing to do.  Why do I say that?  Here are my thoughts on it.
It helps to get an idea down on paper.  I can't tell you how many times I thought of something and then when I finally have time to work on crafting, I had forgotten what my idea was!  Or, when you have time to create something, but you have no creative 'juice'.  By having a sketch ready, you can sit down and start creating without much forethought - which means you could get more done rather than sitting, staring at a bunch of products and not making anything.
Sketching also helps me when I get a new stamp or a new product I want to try.  I'm able to draw it out which helps me to think ahead of how this new item will work with existing products I may have - why did I purchase it.  As you'll see in my video, my sketches are pretty basic but I have notes that help give me more specifics.  Use a pencil (with an eraser) and try to sketch before making a project.  I hope you'll discover it to be helpful for you on your next project.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about sketching.  Thanks!

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