Sep 27, 2012

My Cooking Journal

My new adventure begins with a cute journal!  This was a dollar find at Michaels.  I embellished with a doily, some paper, a stamp, and yes, my handwriting.

I like how the inside pages of this book is lined and on kraft instead of white paper.  I'm looking forward to keeping track of things I've learned as I try to cook more healthy meals and just cooking more in general.

Now I wanted to share my first cooking adventure.  Sadly it wasn't too adventurous since it was a recipe I had already made.  But I was able to get the recipe off my ipad and throw away my stained paper copy.  That's a big plus as I move to less and less paper.

The first item I cooked was an appetizer dish from Rachel Ray.  The dish is called Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.  I had to alter it a little bit, but it still was yummy!

For this recipe I made 2 dozen and still had a lot of stuffing left over.  Me and my hubby just ate these as our dinner.  Let me just say...we devoured this dish!  Oh, and I was able to use my 'guest' dishes - you know those dishes you only use when you have guests.  This is one of my favorites I got from CB2 which is a 'sister' company to Crate and Barrel.  Here is the medium platter available online only $3.95...I believe mine is smaller...but it may not be available anymore.  

The main ingredients are intalian sausage, spinach, garlic, and bread crumbs.  Check out the recipe HERE.

I hope you are not too hungry after reading this post.  Have fun stamping, cooking, and eating!  =)


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