Sep 25, 2012's in the kitchen

Lately I've been feeling the need for change.  For the last few months I've been trying to work out and eat better.  As these last few weeks have been going, this desire to eat healthier has been gaining more momentum.  Seeing the rise in cost of food as well as the large amounts of sugar, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup in practically everything....I've been more on a mission to cook more of our own meals and purchase food smarter.  I'm now reading the labels of practically everything and my family can admit that soda has not been in our fridge for almost a month now.
As I continue on this path I realize how much I don't know about cooking and about food.  Thus it gave me the inspiration to really get more serious about this. journey began with cleaning out areas in my kitchen.  I want to make room for a KitchenAid mixer - so I can make my own bread dough, cookies, and pasta.  I also want to make room for a food processor which is called for for many dishes.  I cleaned out our a few cabinets...and now am working on the area where I have my cookbooks.  This snowballed into another project.  I want to go paperless (meaning less paper in my life) and I almost always look online for recipes.  So the cookbooks are going to be donated and my ipad will now store my recipes, help organize dinner menus, as well as my grocery list!  (the app I found to do this is called Pepper Plate)  This frees up another shelf in my cabinet that would fit a new cooking tool quite nicely.
I haven't given up on my paper crafting hobby by any means.  I will be trying to document my food/cooking journey in a cute embellished journal.  I hope to document cooking techniques or information about food that I will learn as well as make a fun food diary in the process.  Hmm...I may be purchasing a few new stamps related to cooking....maybe.  Any suggestions?

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