Dec 31, 2013

Surprise surprise!!

Well, after 10 years I am now pregnant with my third child!!  This was not planned, but of course it is a blessing and we are excited!  Needless to say, we need to prepare.  We are truly starting from scratch.  I even have to give up my craft room and make it the baby room.
With this huge surprise, my life is truly in for a change.  Likely, the subject here on my blog will be more focused on my pregnancy and soon the new little one.  
Here are a few headline details:
- I am currently about 7 1/2 or 8 weeks along.  
- I have no morning sickness, just a little bit of motion sickness in the car if I haven't eatten.
- I had my first two children in my early 20s.  I am now 32.
- I do enjoy being pregnant. 
I don't remember much from my first two pregnancies, so this time I am trying to keep a diary.  I want to remember some of this. This is instead of a daily scrapbook- a journal is more realistic for me to keep up with.
As mentioned earlier, I have to give up my craft room.  I have to down size my stash and we are going to try to get cabinets that will be in our kitchen area, where my new craft area will be.  We are still looking for the right cabinets that will fit everything and look nice.  Once the room is cleared out, we will begin preparing it to be a bedroom.  We will have to do minor construction to change a window that runs down to the floor, and change it to be a mid sized window.  This will provide more privacy and safety.  Then we have to patch any holes and possibly paint.  We will need curtains and an area rug since it is hardwood flooring.  Lots to do. But hey, it's worth it.  And I don't have to worry about it for the next few days because we are going to Disneyland!!  A treat for the family before the baby arrives.  Even though I can't go on many rides, I still love being at Disneyland and the atmosphere.  It'll be fun!  Until next time, welcome 2014!!
Ezlie Perez


  1. Oh how exciting! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! My first brother is 2 years older than I am, and my second brother is 14 years YOUNGER! He too is a surprise baby, so that's why my parents named him Matthew meaning "Gift of God." It definitely changes the family dynamic, but I don't know what our lives would be like if we DIDN'T have our 5th family member.

    I hope you continue to have a smooth pregnancy. I think a blog works out so well as compared to scrapbooking. I considered something like Project Life this year since I'm approaching my 2nd anniversary of being married, but I know it won't be realistic. Instead, I told myself just to blog more this year instead. Can't wait to see some new baby updates :)

    And yay for Disneyland! I'm all for Disney World because I'm on the East Coast. My hubs and I are going the last week of this month!