Jan 12, 2014

Progress Moving my Craft Space

Well, this is my new craft space.  No longer a room, it is now a wall space in my dining/kitchen space.  These are storage cabinets we ordered through Staples online.  Two boards were damaged, but we still worked with them. The desk is the same desk I had from Ikea.  
Here is what the inside of the cabinet looks like.  Not too bad. I'm glad I was able to trim down and still have a space to work.  Next we have to clean the room and make room for baby.  The second cabinet is for my kids craft stuff and some of my technology toys, like my laptop, video camera, etc.  
Pregnancy update:
I am entering my 10th week of pregnancy and I'm feeling fine.  Hungry often and getting a bit more sleepy in the afternoon.  Otherwise I'm progressing fine.  I'm thankful that I do not have any morning sickness or any sicknesses related to food.  
10 weeks!  

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