Mar 4, 2014

16 weeks pregnant

Here I am at 16 weeks.  I had my last appointment last Monday.  The baby is moving a lot - so much so, that we couldn't hear it's heartbeat.  Instead we heard the "whoosh" of it moving around.  Luckily, I was able to have another ultrasound so that the heartbeat could be checked.  We took this opportunity to see if we could tell the sex of the baby, but my OB couldn't tell.  But the important thing is that our little one is growing fine and I am feeling good.  
I still can't feel the baby moving, even though it is so active.  Once in a very long while I might feel a small flutter in my tummy.  I'm very excited and anxious to feel the baby more so I can see what it's pattern is - when is it most active and when it may be sleeping.  
I truly am mentally ready for the baby to be here.  This pregnancy feels like it is going so slowly for me and the weeks are going by slowly.  I'm very anxious to have the baby and do the mommy thing again.  It's ironic because I know once the baby is here, the time will fly by and I will probably miss it. I really wish the first 5 months of the baby's life lasted longer.  Before it gets to be mobile.  I think the first 5 months are my favorite time and I am not looking forward to that part being over quickly. 
Yesterday and today I have a head cold.  I just feel tired and stuffy.  I took a 2 hour nap yesterday and today too.  I feel a little bit better, but I still feel my head is heavy.  I bet I could still take another nap later on tonight!  I don't know if that's pregnancy related or if I do have a cold.  So far, no real cravings.  Because of the cold weather, I like having a warm meal or soup - but that's how I've always been.  Not a big fan of salads and sandwiches.  Anyway, that's my pregnancy update thus far. We are moving along....slowly but surely.

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