Mar 7, 2014

Feeling A Little Down...

Last night when I was talking with my hubby, he ask me how I was feeling and how the pregnancy was going.  I opened up and shared with him how I felt.  Saying it out loud made me realize that I am getting into a down period with this pregnancy.
I am lucky to have a very 'easy' pregnancy thus far.  No morning sickness.  No sickness to food.  No nausea.  Nothing.  I'm growing, but not rapidly - so my weight is not bad and I'm not in any pain or having any aches.  Lucky right?  So what's the problem?
Well, I was able to tell my hubby that I'm doing fine but I can't tell how the baby is doing since I still can't feel it moving.  This is truly a bummer for me at the moment since my cousin had a miscarriage at 17 weeks and I'm just nervous.  Without feeling the baby move, how do I know it is ok or when something is wrong?  Also, without having any other symptoms of pregnancy, nor the benefits of the clear skin, shiny hair, longer nails, (none of which I have), I realized that I really don't feel pregnant at all.  I just feel like I'm getting fat - which is a bit depressing.
I know on the bright side I shouldn't be complaining that I have an 'easy' pregnancy.  But it would be nice to experience something.  It is still early, and I know later I will feel the baby plenty, but up to now it's been a bit dull.  I'm eating more...and that's about it.  In addition, we haven't been doing anything at home to prepare since it is early and we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl.  So that too, makes it seem like there's no change here - no excitement.  Our house is the same, no baby items yet.  So I think I'm anxious and somewhat bored with this part of the pregnancy.  I'm grateful not to be sick or in pain, but I just don't feel pregnant.  And looking ahead that I still have 5 more months to go, that just bums me out. 
I don't know if anyone can relate or understands where I'm coming from - but overall this pregnancy has been moving very slowly for me.  I'm literally able to count the days and each week seems to be coming by s-l-o-w-l-y.  I'm planning on starting the pregnancy/baby album which may help move the time along and build some excitement.  We hope to find out the sex of the baby on the 28th - which of course feels like forever from now.  Even that, I'm not too hopeful since for my last two kids we were not able to tell their sex.  So, I'm truly hoping we will find out for this one.  This may get the excitement going - but until's still this waiting game.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better today, I had a very easy first pregnancy and was also a bit disappointed that I didn't have any morning sickness or cravings for any weird things. I was lucky that my skin became clear and spot free for the first time since my teenage years so at least that was a bonus! I'm sure your baby will start to let you know its there soon enough and perhaps then you will begin to prepare for its arrival. Take care and enjoy this lull in your life it will soon get busy.