Mar 11, 2014

Looking to the bright side

If you read my last post, you know I've been feeling down.  I'm still a bit anxious and the days of this pregnancy can't go fast enough!  But rather than focus on that, I thought I would shift my focus on things that I can do now, that I most likely will not be able to do with a new baby. So here are a few things I thought of.  Be sure to let me know in a comment if you have any other ideas.
1.  Sunbathe: Being able to relax and just lay in the sun while my kids play inside or even outside will be something I can't do when I have a newborn.  Now that Spring is on the horizon, I plan on spending more time in my back yard just lounging in the sun.

2.  Sit on the beach:  I plan on visiting local beaches more often on the weekends.  I love the beach scene and I know going to the beach with a new baby would be quite a chore, and new babies can't be exposed to that much sun early on.

3.  Watch a movie:  I love watching movies (at home) and being able to sip on wine, or juice for now, and watch an entire movie from start to finish is quite relaxing.  This too may be difficult with a baby since I will be on it's schedule which may not allow for me to just sit and watch a two hour long movie.

4.  Go out to dinner:  My hubby and I need to plan a few date nights or nights we all go out to eat at a nice restaurant.  Granted, I do not mind the family friendly places, but it would be nice to enjoy a more formal night out with my older kids and hubby before this new one comes along.  It will limit some of the places we can go comfortably and not cause a scene.

5.  Out with friends:  This is not impossible to do with a newborn, but it would definitely be less often that I can just call up a friend to meet up for lunch or coffee.  Or even to go out and have some time out. 

6.  Shop:  Shopping for myself is something that I don't do much of (besides for my craft and hobby things).  With a baby it will be harder to take time to go to multiple stores, be at a mall for hours, and even try clothes on.  Sadly, with this new belly, I can't do much of this since I don't want to buy much until after the baby and I see what's my new size.  But I do enjoy shopping in general though.  So I will try to shop with my kids for them or for my hubby for now.  We do enjoy spending time together in this way, and of course the family loves to get new clothes or shoes.  =) 

So this is what I will be trying to do more of in the next 5 months.  Hopefully the more I plan, the quicker the weeks will go by. 

On the bright side too, just yesterday I felt the baby move while I was at work.  I was so happy!  Granted, I only felt it move once but it is a start and it brightened my day.  Today, I felt the baby move again.  So, hopefully from here on out it will be more regular that I can feel my little one.  Another thing that brightened my day, was on Monday when I went back to work, I got a lot of compliments from my coworkers - that I was looking good/cute with my belly.  These few random compliments throughout the day helped me perk up a bit.  I'm glad that I look good and not as tired and as sad as I had been feeling. 

So, on we go.  Another day, halfway done.  Almost at 18 weeks.  Yay!  Only 22 more to go!

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  1. So glad you're feeling more positive, love yourself and everything else will just fall into place!