Mar 21, 2014

Spring is here!

Well, finally Winter is over and Spring is here.  With Spring comes the typical feelings of starting over, cleaning house, and working on the yard.  In a few weeks we will begin construction on the nursery.  We will be changing the existing window, which runs down to the floor, to a more standard bedroom window with a wall below it.  This will be much safer for a child's bedroom and would provide more privacy since the window is facing the front of the house. 
After that construction is done, we will paint the nursery.  I had chosen neutral colors.  Either a vanilla type cream/yellow tone or a very pale gray/white color.  My husband preferred the gray tones so that is what we will be going with - no matter if we have a boy or a girl. 
As you can see from my photo, at this point we still do not know what we are having, a boy or a girl.  I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook to see what my friends and family guess the baby's sex to be.  Most think a girl, but it is almost 50-50 of those who think we are having a boy.  So we are truly excited to find out - I just hope the ultrasound goes well and the doctor is able to tell.  My appointment is next week and I can't wait!
Spring is a great time to get prepared for the new baby.  So I'm hoping to get things moving starting in April.  We will be having a garage sale to get rid of some of the office furniture we had that was in the nursery - that we no longer have space for.  After the construction and painting, I will start getting some of the organization bins and such to fit in the current cabinets we have.  These I plan on getting from Ikea.  I will also get a hamper and new light bulbs, with softer light, for the nursery.  Then I'll be at a stand still until we get closer to summer. 
So my Spring will begin well with setting up the nursery. We also will begin some baby proofing - especially in regards to our swimming pool.  We might be installing a new safety gate/screen so the baby wont be able to slide it open or fall through the screen and get to the pool.  My dogs too might go under some training to control their barking.  It will be tough to have a new baby trying to sleep when my dogs bark like crazy every time my husband comes home, the doorbell rings, or our neighbors are outside.  Hopefully these items take a little bit if time to keep me busy so that the time will go by a bit faster.  Hopefully, before I know it Summer will be here!  =)

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