Jun 16, 2014

Treated myself with Simon Says Stamp Kit!

I am on a budget like most of us are.  Especially with a new baby on the way and a few weeks I'm taking off work without pay.  I've gone on a brief 'recession' of my stamping and scrapbooking and I don't like it.  Not the purchasing of new things, but the creating of cards and scrapbook layouts.  Going a length of time without it has really made it more obvious to me how much I enjoy it, miss it, and almost 'need' to do it.  It is a part of who I am and it is a creative outlet that I don't want to lose.

All that aside, as I enter my 8th month of pregnancy, I've been reading a lot of articles that say to 'treat yourself' before the baby arrives.  Getting a manicure and pedicure are definitely on my list - but I wanted to treat myself to something that feeds my creative side.  Knowing that once the baby comes I wont have much time to create, nor shop online, I decided to subscribe to the Simon Says Stamp card kit. This is a monthly subscription for only $20 and you get a box full of goodies delivered to your door.  I thought this would truly make me happy as I stay home with my newborn, to get a box of goodies that will spark creative juices in me.  And if by chance I can squeeze in some creative time, I will have a kit of coordinating products all ready to be used. 

What pushed me to get this kit in particular, was that it included a Simon Says Stamp ink pad - which I've been wanting to try.  Plus, as usual, the stamp set was very appealing and I could see a lot of uses for it.  Though the colors are patriotic, I still feel they are useful basics that will coordinate with what I already have.  And it's such a bargain!  Just the stamp set and the ink along would be $20.  But instead I get the entire kit for $20!  That just makes me feel good.  If you haven't checked out these kits, I encourage you to.  They truly are put together well, and there are a lot of videos on You Tube that highlight the kit and give you ideas for how to use the kits to make different designs of cards.  Click HERE to check out the kit on Simon Says Stamp.

Since I don't celebrate the holidays and many of the kits are holiday themed for those particular months- I have disciplined myself to only get 3 kits for the months of July, August, and September.  So I set up a notification on my calendar to remind me to cancel my subscription on September 1, so I don't get the October-December kits.  This will help me stay on budget of $20 a month - or a total of $60 for three months and no more.  I was able to use a gift card I got from my work for my work anniversary to pay for this subscription. I think this will be a treat that I will truly enjoy - and it will last more than an hour or so.  It will repeat for 3 months and I will have not only the joy or receiving the package, but also using the products.

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