Jan 4, 2016

Fauxbonichi page & Flip Through Video

As a scrapbooker, I found it difficult to stay up to date and record daily life and activities.  I looked into Project Life and actually am using this form of album to create my son's baby album.  But to use it as it was intended to document each day or week - is just unrealistic for me.  I don't take pictures everyday and I don't have a way to print photos and scrapbook each week or daily.  I didn't want to feel so much pressure of keeping up or having such a process added to my day to day or weekly routine. (I can barely squeeze in some creative time as it is)
Since May of 2015, I started a daily journal called a Fauxbonichi - since it is a fake version of the original daily journal called the Hobonichi.  
Needless to say, just having a notebook with blank pages ready to be filled in any format and with any medium I wanted, became the best thing I ever started!  It filled my desire of wanting to document day to day activities as well as be a creative outlet where I could use my scrapbooking supplies, like stamps, stickers, markers, and paper.  I absolutely love this simple method of documenting my life in a creative and fun way.  The best part is, there are no rules.  There is no template or format you have to follow.  There are no tools or products you have to use.  It's totally up to me.  This has been a great place for me to use up my stash of products that have been sitting on the shelf because they just don't match or they are too big or too small to work on a scrapbook layout.  A journal page doesn't have to match a photo or designer paper - it's a blank slate. So I've been able to use up random stickers and finally make a dent in my alphabet sticker collection.
Here is one of my latest pages I did for January 2 to give you an idea of what a page can look like.  If you want to see more and get inspired to use up some of your stash and have a daily record of your life - check out my flip through below as well as others on my You Tube Fauxbonichi playlist.  
You don't need anything more than a pen and a blank journal to get started.  Any journal, any pen.  Add as much as you like or keep it simple to just your handwriting on the paper.  However you decide to make you pages - you are documenting memories that is always fun to look back on later.  Plus, if you scrapbook some photos later - you will have a written record of the day for you to look back on!  Bam!  Instant journaling done for your future scrapbook layouts.  I love that too!
I hope you are inspired.  Check out my video for ideas and I hope you decide to pick up a pen and start your own daily journal. Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So glad I found your blog! Loved the flip through video!