Jan 12, 2016

Scrapbook 100 Photos in One Evening | Get Ready & Introduction Video

"Okay, hold up there.  I know what you're thinking: "I can't scrapbook 100 photos in an evening."  But before you...[dismiss] this idea; listen up!  I, too, previously laughed off this unfathomable idea.  "100 Photos? Seriously?" But that was before I learned the secret to guaranteed success...[a]ll you need is a formulated design strategy and a strong plan prior to "go" time." - Creating Keepsakes September 2011, p.43-55.

This was the opening statements in the article I found while I was purging my old scrapbooking magazines.  This article was one that I actually folded the page down for me to refer to later, so now almost 5 years later, I'm getting back to this article and actually going to try it out.  I am in that purging mode to clean out my stash and I came across an Iris container full of printed photos just waiting to be put in albums.  This challenge came just in time and I hope you will follow me as I try to do this seemingly impossible challenge.  I've never done anything like this before.  I typically take 1-2 hours to create 1 layout and usually they have 2 or 3 photos at the most on each of them.  So this will definitely be challenging, but I will try to follow the suggestions and see if I can do it. Yes, I can do it. I hope I can.

First off, my interpretation of 'one evening' is about 6-8 hours.  The article didn't specify how long one evening should be...but I think I'm safe if I go with 7 hours.  Let's make that the challenge.  Scrap 100 photos in 7 hours! Seems a bit out there, but I'm up for the challenge!  Let's get these photos out of the box and into albums - yay!

Let's Get Ready... (directly from the Creative Keepsakes article)

  • Select a theme.  Choose what type of layouts or album you want to create (i.e. year in review, holidays, baby, etc.)
  • Select a design strategy.  Choose a simple design that can be used and reused throughout your entire album.  Keep it simple.  Keep it consistent.
  • Select a formula.  Use one of our predetermined formulas or feel free to create your own.  Whatever it is, write it down, and stick to it.
Get Set...
  • Select photos.  With your strategy in mind, review your photos, and select the amount called for in your formula.
  • Print and trim photos. Since you have your design plan in place, you should know exactly at what dimensions to print and/or trim your photos.  
  • Select products. Use one collection or a kit to simplify the selection process and provide consistency throughout the album.  I can't stress this enough!  When you streamline your choices, you'll finish your pages in a fraction of your normal time.
  • Pre-trim/pre-print items.  If you know you'll need multiple pieces of the same item, pre-trim or pre-print them now.
  • Gather tools. In addition to your scrapbook products, gather your paper trimmer, ruler, scissors, and lots of adhesive.
  • Purchase an album or photo sleeves.  Make sure you have the proper  home for your completed project.
To see how I got ready and interpreted these steps - please check out my intro video below.  I didn't follow these steps exactly. I explain further how I got ready in my video, so please check it out below.   Check back for my next post to see the supplies I pulled from my stash to make my kit for this challenge. 

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