Jan 12, 2016

Scrapbook 100 photos in one evening | Supplies

Besides selecting my photos I then had to select what supplies I would use.  I am trying to "bash my stash" this year, and I recently came across a Facebook group 2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge where they are encouraging us to use our stash and not purchase anything new for the entire year. Besides this motivation to use my stash, I also had this challenge to scrap my 100 photos in an evening so they went hand in hand - needless to say I am motivated to get scrappin'.

Here's what I chose to make my kit from my stash as I get ready for my 100 photo challenge.(see my previous post for my introduction of this challenge.  Scroll below for introduction video.)

Since my photos do not match or go together, they cover multiple years and varying events. This adds to the complexity of making a kit that will work.   To combat this I mostly stuck with neutral colors and patterns.  I also tried to use papers that already matched with each other that came in a package together or are from the same product line. My newest products came from the 2015 Scrapbooking Expo last summer - so I still had new sheets that I had not yet cut into - so these were first on my list to add to my kit.  Here's a photo of the papers I chose to work with.   There are some pops of color which is fine but those brighter patterns are from a paper pad I got so I knew they would go together and I like having the option to add pops of color as I would like to when making my layouts.
Now with my paper chosen, it makes it easier to select embellishments.  Again, I tried to stick to neutrals.  I dug into my alphabet letter stash and my number sticker stash - which are organized by color - and selected my gray, black, and white alphas.  I also selected a few stickers that I thought would work too - color is the driving force here.  Will they go together on a page well?  That's what I was thinking about when making my selections.  Not size, not brand, not anything else - just color.

I did not select 'actual' embellishments since I didn't really know what events my photos were covering - and I like to choose my accents more on the fly.  When I make the layout, I see how much space I have, what the topic is about, and what color accent I would like.  Since I will be in a time crunch, embellishments will be minimal, and we'll see how I do with selecting from my stash on the go or if I leave out embellishments all together.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  For my kit though, besides my sticker labels - these are the only pre-selected accents I have put together for this challenge.

After I have my scrapping supplies, it was time to get my tools together.  Here is the list of my tools I chose to have in my kit:

  • large Fiskars paper trimmer
  • Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (ATG)
  • Paper Snips scissors - from Stampin' Up!
  • 01 American Crafts Precision Pen - black
  • 03 American Crafts Precision Pen - black
  • Uni-ball Signo white gel pen
  • 2 way glue pen - Stampin' Up!
  • Date roller stamp - from office supply store
  • 0.3 Hi Tec C fine line pen - black
With all these products selected and ready to go I think it's time to get started with the challenge.  Please subscribe to my You Tube channel so you don't miss an episode.  As I mentioned in my introduction video - I will be breaking down my 1 evening into hourly chunks on varying days since that's what is realistic for me.  There will be however many videos needed to capture this process as I try to get 100 photos out of the box and into albums.  Thanks for joining me and I hope you are inspired.

Introduction Video

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