Jan 30, 2016

Scrapbook 100 photos in 1 evening | Session 3 video

Wow!  Each session seems to go faster and faster.  This time around, I got 3 layouts done in less than 1 hour!!  Truly a first for me!  I am making great progress too with my box of photos.  I see a small 'dent' forming and it feels so great to see the stack of completed layouts growing!
My first layout took the longest of the 3.  I think its that time my head needs to get in the creative mood.  I also decided to start with only 2 photos on this first layout - which also posed a challenge to 'fill up' or design the entire page when there was more blank space to deal with.
I made it through, with a fun and easy technique - faux paint splatters!  I simply used my white gel pen to help fill the page and get the look of white paint.  It turned out great and was quick and easy - no drying time required.
All in all, I am so happy with how far I've come along with this challenge.  I am almost halfway through my 'one evening' time frame and I am so excited to see how much further I get along and what other new tricks or tips I will learn.  
I hope you enjoy this video of my third session and I hope you like the layouts too.
Thanks for stopping by today!

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