Feb 9, 2016

Scrapbook 100 photos in 1 evening - Session 4 & kit overview

This week I had some technical difficulties - I ended up losing the footage of my process of creating the layouts in this session.  It happens.  So I ended up doing a quick overview of each layout I got done and shared what is left in my kit - stash items that I want to use up.
Upon doing this challenge, I now have a better understanding of my stash - why some items tend to hang around and not get used.  Even with this challenge, I am shying away from using certain papers and colors for one reason or another.  This teaches me about myself and my scrappin' style.  Though I may be getting a good deal at the time, or truly love how pretty something is - I have to really think, "will I use it?"  It really doesn't do any good to have pretty things, or cheap things - sitting on a shelf.  So far what is left in my kit, which I pulled from my stash - is lots of busy and bold/bright colored papers.  Which I can truly say is a challenge for me.  I think it's because I feel it takes too much attention away from my photos and I feel I have to hide it or it's so pretty I want to showcase it instead of my pictures.  Either way, I know my struggle - it shows in what is left in my stash and it shows when I try to use it - I have a hard time.
If you can, take a moment to sift through some of your stash.  Try to sort out items that you know you will never use, maybe it came in a kit or was an impulse buy.  Then maybe sort things you love that you think is too pretty to use.  Then sort by ones you know you'll use in the very near future.  To get through your stash - I would suggest using up those items you chose knowing you would use them.  Use them first.  They may make it easier to create projects with.  Then the pretty paper - cut it up - either into a 6x12 strip, 4x12 strips, or mutiple 6x6s.  Once it's cut, you may be better inclined to use it up.  The other papers that you know you will never use, it's not your style, the colors are not to your taste, or they are seasonal and you just held on to them too long - give them away.  Donate to another scrappy friend, a school, or even a second hand store.
I hope this little bit of information may give you some inspiration to work through some of your stash.  Thank you for sticking with me on this challenge - I have hit the halfway mark and getting more layouts done at one time than ever before and truly getting my photos out of the box and onto layouts.  Not to mention, making a small dent in my stash too!  
I hope you enjoy the video.

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