May 2, 2011

My Scrapbook Journey...layout begins

Well friends, I have taken the step and printed my photos!  Of course the measurements that were on screen did not print to the same on the paper - I have to figure that one out - to get the pictures the size I truly was expecting.  But, even with low toner, my prints came out quite well.
Once they were printed, I trimmed off the excess white cardstock to get my photo collage more to the true size. Now that they are printed, it was time to select supplies to use for the layout.  To do this, I look through my designer paper and lay my photos atop it to see what color or pattern complements the photos without being to distracting, or contrasting, or bright.  I initially thought I was going to use a bright background, but it was way too busy with these photos, so I decided to have a solid cardstock background.  Also, this is to be a  two page layout, so they have to match - and I rarely ever have 2 of the same designer I ended up using white cardstock as my background.  I know, not too adventurous.  Since my photos have so much going on, I felt the basic background was more pleasing to the eye and drew your attention more to the photos.  
So here is the beginning of my layout. 
Stay tuned to see the final realization of my 'envisioned' layout with the theme of my kids summer with their dad. I also tried printing my journaling onto designer paper.  This too was something new for me, but well worth it.  I love the way it turned out.  Come back soon to see for yourself and let me know what you think.  
Happy scrapping, enjoy the process, remember the moments.


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