Jun 21, 2011

Storage solution - clear stamps

As I was organizing and cleaning my space, one item I had to organize was my clear stamps.  I had just recently ordered 5 new sets and I had to really think about where was I going to put them.  Before I started cleaning, I had 3 places where I had my stamps - not very smart.  So I had to check each place to see where I wanted to put my new stamps.  So I changed this.  Now I have still 3 places I put my stamps, but much more organized.  Let me share what I did with you.
First I did a Google search for clear stamp storage.  I saw this video by Jennifer McGuire - who had a large collection of stamps.  She uses binders, as does many other people I've seen from my Google searching.  But I personally do not like the binders since they are large, bulky, I don't have space for them, and I want my stamps much more accessible since I use them a lot.  But I like the concept of being able to see them since I am visual.  So I came up with this compromise - I used a day planner that I had laying around with old papers in it.
I keep the stamps in its original packaging and used my Crop-A-Dile to punch the holes through the plastic and the thin paper in the set.  I used scotch tape along the end first to help stiffen the edge of the plastic before I punched the holes through it.

Here's a close up.  So I did this for the sets that I had enough room to punch the holes in the package.  Hero Arts fits perfectly in this planner.

But I also have thinner 4x6 sets that I could not punch holes through.  So for these, I used a binder ring and again kept the original packaging and used the hole already there for retailers to hang the stamps on. I use the 3M hooks on the side of my bookshelf and hang my stamps there.  This is a simple way to see them, keep them in one place, and due to the packaging of each brand, I'll know which set is where.

Here's the view of the side of my bookshelf which is right next to my desk.  These sets are in arms reach and easy to see.  I love these hooks.  I also have one of these hooks on the side leg of my desk holding my heat tool!  Love it!

And the final storage for clear stamps I have is a drawer for my mini sets.  This drawer system is directly in front of me and these drawers are the best thing ever!  They fit perfectly and they store my most frequently used items - clear block, clear mini stamps, markers, journaling pens, adhesive, dimensionals, sponges,  bone folder and white scraps.

Here's my stamp drawer - with my newest stamps at the top.

These stamps fit perfectly in here...for now.  This drawer is getting full...so if I happen to get more mini stamp sets I might need to update my storage solution for these, but for now this works.
I really do like what I came up with.  How do you store you clear stamps?  I'd love to see what you do too.  I hope I've inspired you to get organized with your clear stamps.  =)  Happy stamping!

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