Feb 29, 2012

Before and after.

Hello there.  Today I thought I'd share a behind the scenes view of my craft table as well as keep you all informed about March 1, 2012 in the craft world is a busy busy day!

So first off, here's a photo of my table after I filmed a video.
Quite a mess.  I had to stack a few of the stamps before I took this picture, but otherwise this is a real life view of my space after I've 'worked' a bit. I moved my tables to this left wall of my room about three weeks ago.  By doing this, I now have that wall shelf I can use and we can now see the window in the craft room!  =)
Anyway, I also have a new video camera - Toshiba Camileo X200  (on sale at Best Buy).  So this video was definitely an experiment, as it was one of my first in this new space and with the new camera.
As you can see I have two table lamps - these are the Ott lites - I got from Joann's.  When I'm filming I turn off my ceiling lights and I only have these two lamps on.  These help the colors appear more natural since the bulbs are natural white.
So part of my process after filming is I type up the instructions or blog posts usually right after I complete the video.  I usually create my videos late at night, so I don't always get to edit the video and the pictures until maybe the next night or so.  If I actually get to make a quick video, I might edit and upload all in the same night - but that is rare.  =)  After all is done, I mentally need 'closure' and I need to think out what my next project will be.  I have a lot I want to work on and I have a few ideas, but I want my craft space to be ready for me when I'm ready to start making my next project - so I had to clean this up.  Fortunately it doesn't take long since most everything gets put away within arms reach of my work space!  I love that!  I used to have things on my shelf and drawers that I had to get up and put away or get, but now they are all close to me so it is much faster to get my products as well as put them away.  I'll share more about my storage and organization on a future post.
So here is my desk in it's clean form. Trust me, it doesn't always look this way, but now I'm ready to start thinking of what will I work on next. Having a somewhat clean space helps me get into the creative mode more easily.  I get distracted or frustrated when there's a lot of clutter.  I can work with a mess, but only for so long.
A few highlights of my space is, I love that little white glass vase with my buttons.  This was a centerpiece from a wedding, it had flowers in it. I really like seeing my buttons and being able to grab them quickly.  (Not all my buttons fit in there...I have another draw with more buttons!)  But I keep my new buttons and my neutral buttons in that vase since I would most likely be looking for those the most.  Also, next to the vase on my table I have some new stamps.  I like to keep my new stamps out in the open so I don't forget about them and plus helps me keep them in my mind as I think of my next projects.
One more behind the scenes tip I wanted to share is that I keep my ATG adhesive runner on an old t-shirt.  You can see it in this photo.  I do this because when I'm filming and I use my ATG gun, when I put it down it is quite loud when it hits my table top.  So I keep it on a shirt so that when filming I can place it down without having the loud noise pick up in my video. I also put my scissors on the shirt too when filming for the same reason.

Now just a brief highlight - March 1, 2012 NEW PRODUCT LINES are released to stores.  A few weeks ago there was an expo called CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) where designers show retailers their new product lines first.  Then retailers purchase these new products for their stores.  Us as consumers have to wait until....March 1st for these new products to be available for sale in stores.  So...go check out Two Peas  In a Bucket, Simon Says Stamps, or your local scrapbooking or stamping store to see some of these new product lines.  NOT Michaels or Joann's - as far as I know, they don't carry these product lines nor do they get the latest products.  You'll want to go to an ACTUAL scrapbooking store or stamping store.  My nearest store is Our Paper Place.  Maybe in my next post I'll share a few of my favorites from these new products.
One more thing.  The scrapbook expo will be in Pleasanton, CA on March 16 &17.  These new products will be available there too!  Check out the scrapbook expo website for coupons if you plan on going.  I'll share my tips and suggestions for going to one of these expos.  I've been going almost every year for the last...maybe 7 or 8 years..or more..I'm not sure.  But I got a few things that I do that may be helpful for you if you've never been or had a bad experience or tough experience.

Thanks for sticking with me on this longer post.  Be sure to comment in yesterday's post to be entered in for a free stamp set giveaway.   Until next time..have fun!  =)

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  1. I wish I were as organized as you. I have ideas for putting together a craft space (mostly from ideas gotten from bloggers who have made great suggestions). It's just a matter of jumping in, cleaning out what's in the way, re-configuring, moving it all back in, then moving it around and around and around. I like a nice, clean area to work in, too, but it sure doesn't stay that way for long. I bought an Ott light at Joann's when they were 50% off. I was a great investment -- and my eyes appreciate it, too.