Feb 25, 2012

Dear blog readers

Hello to all you blog readers.  I hope you are reading my blog posts. (there's a giveaway at the end of this post, please read on)  With that said, I want to first apologize for the poor quality of my postings up to this point.  I realize many readers like short and sweet posts with lots of photos.  But then there are those that actually like reading a good quality post that has some substance to it, more than just an overview of a project or how a project was made.  I hope to find the happy medium between the two types of posting.
(image from blog.resumebear.com)

In an effort to help myself gauge my improvement as a paper crafter, I wanted to start actually blogging a bit more on my creative processes.  I plan on sharing more of what happens in the background.  The things that are not normally seen or shared that occur as I continue to grow in my skills with this fun hobby of paper crafting.  I hope to include more links to useful sites, articles, products for sale, events, blog events, photos, and tutorials.  I also would like to share more of things that inpsire me with the hope that it inspires you too. I will not be posting these process posts everyday, it would be just as they come up. If I learned a new technique or stumbled across an inspiration piece, I will post. It's just a way to help me 'see' my personal accomplishments and growth. I hope not to bore you with it, but I hope it will be something worth your time to read and follow along with.
Through these types of posts you will get to know me a bit better and hopefully you will enjoy seeing the steps that I've taken and where those steps will take me.  I look forward to using my blog to help document a bit about myself and my creative growth.  I will be getting an iphone next week, which is awesome!  I'm anxious to see what Instagram is and how it can help me document my creative journey with much more ease and with pictures not just words.  I'm really looking forward to using this new piece of technology and it would be a huge change for me as it may change my approach and view on a lot of things. 
I will definitely continue to share projects and videos made by me on a regular basis - that will not change.  In my project posts, I will start to include more details on how I came up with the project and how I executed it.  This might lead to more 'behind the scenes' videos of my progress before the actual creation of a project.
I hope you are looking forward to this improvement on my blog posts as I try to share more of how I'm growing as a creative designer. 
Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.  A blog can be more than just a place for you to 'listen to me', I want to listen to you also.  Comment freely, as I hope we build a blog type relationship that is encouraging and inspiring.  Thank you for your time and continued support. 

Are you enjoying Friday FREE day?  I haven't gotten much response in this regard...this may be something I stop doing.  Thoughts?  What type of blogs do you enjoy reading or following and why?

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Thank you all so much for your support and following thus far.  I hope to improve and keep sharing the journey with you.  Keep on creating.


  1. Great blog post. I look forward to reading about your craft processes. Sharing the steps is really helpful to crafters, it is how I learn new techniques. Please let us know how your new i-Phone works out. I have been debating its purchase because I am so used to my Blackberry. What is instagram? It sounds very interesting - especially since I am a Project Life participant.

    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to future posts. Ivy

  2. I'm sure I will enjoy the behind-the-scenes looks into your creative processes. I like DIY and card making sites (particularly the CAS sites), thorough tutorials, well written blog posts and ideas that may point me in the direction of a cheaper alternative to achieve a particular effect. You score high on all counts. I like the Friday Free Day, but am usually behind in reading my RSS incoming messages and am too late to take advantage of them. I've just subscribed to your posts by mail so they are one of the first things I see when I open my e-mails. Good luck with the new camera. I also love gadgets, but am afraid I'd spend too much time playing. I do enough playing already!!! ;-)