Nov 20, 2012

First time using Distress Stains - video

I've finally been able to spend some time in my craft room.  I went on vacation to Disneyland (again!) and I haven't had the time to do some paper crafting.  But, when I did find some time, I decided to use my Distress Stains that I had sitting on my shelf, brand new for a few months now.
I got inspired to buy these stains after I watched a few videos on You Tube.  They were on sale so I made the purchase, but failed to use them.  I was a bit skeptical since I like clean and simple designs.  For me, when I see distressing, it looks nice in some applications, but most of the time for me it seems messy.  And for me, not knowing how the inks will blend or how the end result may be...that scares me a bit.
But I'm happy I tried these out.  I briefly demonstrate 3 different ways of using the distress stains.  They were all very basic and took me out of my comfort zone.  I was a bit disappointed to find out that the colors that came together as a set didn't really blend well at all together.  I thought that was the point of them being sold together...but the colors were so different from each other, that I ended up using them independently.
I hope you enjoy this video as I try out these stains for the first time and make a card with one of the resulting backgrounds.  I will be doing follow up videos to show card projects using the other two backgrounds made using the stains.
Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you are inspired to try out these stains.

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