Apr 5, 2013

Clean and Simple card - video

Hello again.  Today I finally was able to start making a card set, which will be part of a gift.  I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the design that would be easy to duplicate, but still have a nice design and look.  I was happy to use a few of my newer stamp sets that I got from the Scrapbook expo and my local craft store (before it closed).
Since this will be a gift, I felt a clean and simple design would be best since most person's eyes are drawn to these type of designs.  Since it was a simple design, I still wanted an element of detail.  Also, the recipient's favorite color is orange, so I wanted that to shine through.  For that element of detail and color I used the paper piecing technique on a simple stamped image.   This image was easy to cut out a lot of them and have them ready to assemble the large quantity of cards.  I hope you enjoy the video tutorial.

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