Sep 10, 2013

Lost & trying to find my way...

Hello.  I've been feeling a bit lost recently.  Not just in my crafting 'world' but also in my career.  I had to reflect on what I spend my time on, am I enjoying myself, and what value am I creating and to whom?

I realize this blog is one thing that has simply fallen off my radar - which is unfortunate.  After thinking about things I enjoy, writing and sharing my thoughts and opinions to help others is something that I truly enjoy.  This is what I should use this blog for.  I will be 'cleaning up' so to speak, this blog.  I will try to redesign it visually to be more my current style - more clean and simple.  I plan on posting more frequently and hopefully have interesting 'stories' to share.  Subjects will still focus mostly on paper crafting, stamping, and scrapbooking - but I also will include more of what is on my mind, my progress on a subject, a tip or website I discovered, or simply my opinion as an experienced crafter. 

I have other interests too that I've been trying to develop skill in.  For example, cooking, video editing, graphic design, photo editing, and sewing.  These things are a part of who I am and I think it would be good for me to share my progress and trials through these stages of self education. 

As I try to write down my thoughts and make improvements, I hope to find my way to be more balanced, consistent, and basically a better crafter, blogger, editor - a better me.  I felt like I had to keep these other things in my life separate from this 'paper crafting world' - which isn't my only activity.  Drawing that line I think made it hard to open up and share more about me - which is what a blog is all about!

I hope you like the updates as they come up.  Even if I don't gain new subscribers I'm happy to have a place to open up and share.  If just one person benefits - that's enough for me - and I'm that one person! 

In line with my progress, I've made some improvements to my You Tube videos.   I'll post next time about my improvements in that area.
Check out my latest video below and let me know what you think - you'll be entered into my giveaway.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Short and to the point is GREAT....i also would like to see more scrapbooking pages....since you said that is what you plan on doing, it looks like i will be visiting even more often. Thanks for the inspiration!